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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The Magnetic Field and Magnetism of the Sand in the Black Sea CoastlineM. Nodia Institute of Geophysics at Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia; Gogua, R.; Kiria, J.; Ghlonti, N.; Gvantseladze, T.; Tavartkiladze, Sh
2023Main Causes and Features of Change of Seismic Hazard Assessments in the Territory of Armenia According to Building CodesNazaretyan, S. N.; Mirzoyan, L. B.; Nazaretyan, S.,S.; Poghosyan, F. Zh.
2021The Main Causes of Activation Two Large Landslides of the Debed River Gorge in XXI CenturyTerritorial survey for seismic protection,,, Ministry of Emergency situations of Armenia. Gyumri, Armenia; Institute of Geological sciences, National academy of sciences of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia; Atabekyan, R. A.; Nazaretyan, S. N.; Igityan, H. A.
1986A Matematical Model of Formacion of the River Run-off in the Case of Antropogenic Influence on Cloud SystemsTsintsadze, Tengiz; ცინცაძე, თ.; Цинцадзе, Т. Н.
2012Mathematical Modeling of Oil Pollution Dissemination in River and Sea Waters of the Western GeorgiaGeorgian Technical University, Institute of Hydrometeorology; Begalishvili, N. A.; Tsintsadze, Tengiz; Begalishvili, N. N.; Tsintsadze, N.
2011Mathematical modelling of gas non-ordinary flow in main pipelinesDavitashvili, T.; Samkharadze, I.; Gubelidze, G.; დავითაშვილი, თ.; სამხარაძე, ი.; გუბელიძე, გ.; Давиташвили, Т.; Самхарадзе, И.; Губелидзе, Г.
2011Mathematical Modelling of the Atmosphere Pollution For Extreme SituationsSamkharadze, I.; Davitashvili, T.; Zotikisvili, N.; Geladze, G.; სამხარაძე, ი.; დავითაშვილი, თ.; ზოტიკიშვილი, ნ.; გელაძე, გ.; Самхарадзе, И.Н.; Давиташвили, Т.П.; Зотикишвили, Н. Ш; Геладзе, Г .Ш.
2010A method of hydrogeodynamical data analysis For revealing earthquake precursorMelikadze, G.; Kobzev, G.
2013METHOD OF STANDARD DEVIATION FOR ANALYSIS OF CAUCASUS BOREHOLE WATER LEVEL DATAGevorgyan, A.; Khangaldyan, A.; Mavrodiev, S.; Adibekyan, M.; Melikadze, G.; Sborshchikov, S.; Kobzev, G.; Jimsheladze, T.
2019Methodology for Preliminary Assessment of the Consequences of a Strong Earthquake in ArmeniaNazaretyan, S.N.; Mkhitaryan, K. A.; Nazaretyan, S. S.
2010Methodology of creation multi-parametrical NetworkMelikadze, G.; Dovgal, N.
2005Model of Functioning of Water-Management System With One Water Basin of Complex FunctionKereselidze, D. N.; Trapaidze, V.; Tsintsadze, Tengiz; Bregvadze, G.
2019Modeling in the System Of Ecological Monitoring of ReservoirsGekkieva, S.
2023Modeling the Anomalous Gravitational Field of Fault-Block StructuresKerimov, I. A.
2005Modern climate change in Georgia. Radiatively active small atmospheric admixturesსაქართველოს მეცნიერებათა აკადემია მ. ნოდიას სახ. გეოფიზიკის ინსტიტუტი; Amiranashvili, A.G.; Amiranashvili, V.A.; Gzirishvili, T.G.; Kharchilava, J.F.; TavartkilaZe, K.A.; Амиранашвили, А.Г.; Амиранашвили, В.А.; Гзиришвили, Т.Г.; Харчилава, Д.Ф.; Таварткиладзе, К.А.; ამირანაშვილი, ა.; ამირანაშვილი, ვ.; გზირიშვილი, თ.; ხარჩილავა, ჯ.; თავართქილაძე, კ.; ბეგალიშვილი, ნ.
2023Modern Climatic Conditions of the Steppe Landscapes of the North Caucasus Against the Backdrop of a Changing ClimateBekmurzaeva, L. R. .; Gagaeva, Z. Sh; Kerimov, I. A.
2021Modern Meteorological Radar “WRM200” in Kutaisi (Georgia)National Environmental Agency of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia; Gvasalia, G.; Loladze, D.
2023Modulational Instability and Rogue Waves According to Nonlinear Schrodinger EquationKobaidze, D.; Kharshiladze, O.
2021Monitoring and Assessment of Anomalies of 2020 Magnetic Field Variations at Dusheti Geomagnetic ObservatoryM. Nodia Institute of Geophysics of Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia; Kiria, T.; Nikolaishvili, M.; Mebaghishvili, N.
2022Monitoring of changes in ecosystems as a result of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine (on the example of the Dvorichanskyi national natural park, Kharkiv region)Veselova, K. S.; Borysenko, K. B.