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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Seismic Risk Features of a Destructive Earthquake ZoneNazaretyan, S. N.; Igityan, H. A.; Mazmanyan, L.,V.; Mirzoyan, L. B.
2019Separation and Evaluation of Simultaneous Heat-Mass Exchange in Subway TunnelsLanchava, O.
2004Der Sessel : RomanPotemkin, Alexander; Потёмкин, Александр
1919Séparation de la Transcaucasie et de la Russie et Indépendance de la GéorgiaTseretelly, Irakly
2023Site Characterization for Critical InfrastructureShubladze, T.; Tsereteli, N.; Tugushi, N.
2023Solar Activity Influence on the Climate Via Magnetic TurbulenceElbakidze, Kh.; Kharshiadze, O.; Ghurtchumelia, A.
2018Solar System Expansion and EvolutionAcademy of Ecological Sciences of Georgia, Akaki Tsereteli State University, Cosmonaut of Bulgaria; Adeishvili, T.; Alexandrov, A.; Sanikidze, T.
2014Some aspects of natural gases distribution on the territory of GeorgiaMelikadze, G.; Jimsheladze, T.; Todadze, M.; Vepkhvadze, S.; Kapanadze, N.
2019Some Baseline Data for a Effective Response of Emergency Services in a Seismic Disaster In Southern CaucasusNazaretyan, S. N.; Nazaretyan, S. S.; Mirzoyan, L. B.
2016Some bioclimatic characteristics of Martvili Canyon (Western Georgia)Bolashvili, N.R.; Chikhladze, V.A.; Khazaradze, K.R.; Lezhava, Z.I.; Tsikarishvili, K.D.; Болашвили, Н.Р.; Чихладзе, В.А.; Хазарадзе, К.Р.; Лежава, З.И.; Цикаришвили, К.Д.; ბოლაშვილი, ნ.; ჩიხლაძე, ვ.; ხაზარაძე, ქ.; ლეჟავა, ზ.; წიქარიშვილი, კ.
2021Some Examples of the Cloudiness Monitoring with Modern Meteorological Radar “WRM200” in Western GeorgiaNational Environmental Agency of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia; Gvasalia, G.
2023Some Georadiolocation Images of Cylindrical Bodies Built with Different Dielectric Fillers, Placed in a Dielectric EnvironmentOdilavadze, D.; Chelidze, T.; Yavolovskaya, O.
2014Some methods of analyze geodynamic imfuct on the deep aquifareIv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University; M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics; Melikadze, George; Kobzev, Genadi; Jimsheladze, Tamar; Меликадзе, Г.И; Кобзев, Г.Н.; Джимшеладзе, Т.А.; მელიქაძე, გ.; კობზევი, გ.; ჯიმშელაძე, თ.
2020Some Results of Anti-Hail Works in Kakheti into 2016-2019Amiranashvili, A.; Chikhladz, V.e; Kveselava, N.; Sauri, I.
2023Some Results of Statistical Analysis of the Daily Wind Speed in Tbilisi in 1971-2020Beglarashvili, N.; Jamrishvili, N.; Janelidze, I.; Pipia, M.; Tavidashvili, Kh.; Tsintsadze, T.
2014Some results of study of variations of light ions concentration and their connections with the ionizing radiation and sub-micron aerosol content in air under the conditions of Tbilisi cityAmiranashvili, A.
1927Les sources des notices du patriarche de Jérusalem Dosithé sur les rois d’AphkazieTakaichvili, E.
2017Spatial Distribution of the Local Meteorological Fields and Dust Concentration in Kakheti Atmosphere in Case of the Northern Background WindGigauri, N., G.; Surmava, A. A.
2020Speed And Direction of the Main Flow in the Atmosphere Above the Territory of Shida Kartli (Georgia) During the Anti-Hail SeasonJamrishvili, N.; Tavidashvili, Kh.; Grebentsova, A.
2008Statistic Analysis of Earthquake PrecursorsPetrosyan, H.; პეტროსიანი, გ.; Петросян, Г.