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Title: Creation of numerical model of Tbilisi geothermal deposit
Authors: Kapanadze, N.
Kobzev, G.
Melikadze, G.
Zhukova, N.
Keywords: გეოფიზიკა;შრომები;Tbilisi geothermal deposit;numerical modeling
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Research workshop on Exploration and Exploitation of Groundwater and Thermal Water Systems in Georgia. Tbilisi, Georgia 2010, pp.110-123
Abstract: The geothermal reservoir of Tbilisi is the most promising one; thus assessment of its conditions should be regarded as the most important task. This paper summarizes the geothermal potential of Tbilisi region. Based on existing and newly obtained geologic, hydrogeological and geophysical data, 3D model of thermal region was created. As a result of modeling work, the 10 year perspective of thermal deposit of Tbilisi was assessed for present conditions of exploitation.
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