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Title: Tourism climate index in the coastal and mountain locality of Adjara, Georgia
Authors: Amiranashvili, A.
Chargazia, Kh.
Matzarakis, A.
Kartvelishvili, L.
Keywords: გეოფიზიკა;კლიმატოლოგია;კონფერენციის შრომები;ტურიზმის კლიმატური ინდექსი;ბიოკლიმატი
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: International Scientific Conference “Sustainable Mountain Regions: Make Them Work”, Borovets, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-954-411-220-2,14-16 May,2015, pp. 238-244,
Description: The determination of the Tourism Climate Index (TCI) to four coastal and mountain localities of the Adjarian Autonomous Republic (known tourist and health resort region of Georgia) is carried out (Batumi, capital of the Adjarian Autonomous Republic: 9 m a. s. l.; Kobuleti: 3 m a. s. l., distance from Batumi - 23 km along the coast of the Black sea; Khulo: 921 m a. s. l., distance from Batumi - 56 km; Goderdzi: 2025 m a. s. l., distance from Batumi - 73 km ). For the indicated localities the monthly average values of TCI in the period from 1961 through 2010 are calculated. The contrast of TCI values in dependence on area relief is revealed. The special features of the variability of TCI values during this period of time in connection with climate changeability are studied. The most favorable from the point of view of the bioclimatic characteristics of a locality for the development of different forms of tourism periods of the year are determined (Sun & Beach Tourism, Eco Tourism, Birdwatching, Sport Tourism, Rural Tourism, Cruise Tourism, Wine Tourism, Ski & Mountain Resorts, MICE Tourism, Gambling Tourism, etc.
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