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Title: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Authors: Doncho, Donev
Pavlekovic, Gordana
Zaletel Kragelj, Lijana
Keywords: health promotion
disease prevention
Issue Date: 19-Apr-2018
Abstract: The concepts of health promotion and disease prevention have come into age since Ottawa 1st International Conference on Health Promotion, held in 1986, and the subsequent conferences and adopted declarations guided by the World Health Organization. But that does not mean that these ideas are now outdated and weakened. On the contrary, it seems that they are more vibrant than ever, relieved from some ideological burdens and stimulated by worldwide acknowledgement. Former challengers are mute or even supportive and the setting mapproach – initiated toward the end of the 1990-ties – opened the doors for an improved collaboration with the medical profession and down to earth approaches. Indicative of this development is for example the fact that in the eighties German physicians complained about undue and unprofessional competition of self help groups, today they are crying for more self help initiatives of patients in order to reduce the burden of care on their shoulders.
Description: A handbook for teachers, researches, health professionals and decision makers.
ISBN: 978-3-89918-169-2
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