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Title: Journal of Law. N1, 2013
Authors: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
Faculty of Law
Burduli, Irakli
Keywords: სამართალი
Issue Date: 2013
Description: 1. Vakhtang Bachiashvili "Contract Interpretations According to the Principles of European Contract Law and Expediency of Implementation of These Principles in Georgian Legislation"; 2. Michael Bichia "Civil Legal Responsibility for Invasion of the Advocatory Secret"; 3. Ilona Gagua "Role and Function of Law in Apportionment of the Burdens of Proof between Parties (Comparative Legal Reference)"; 4. Ekaterine Lapachi "Principles of Registration of Property Rights on Immovable Things under Georgian and German Law"; 5. Tamta Mamaiashvili "Settlement as the Basis for Concluding the Civil Case"; 6. Sophio Machavariani "Liability in the Corporate Group According to the US and the German Laws and Perspectives of Integrating its Principles in Georgia"; 7. George Makharoblishvili ""Acquisition of Target Company at the Organized Capital Market – Acquisition Via Tender Offer and its Forms"; 8. Roin Migriauli "Legal Status of Bankruptcy Manager based on the comparative analysis of the 1996 Law on Bankruptcy and the 2007 Law on Insolvency"; 9. Levan Mosakhlishvili "Principles on Freedom of Information"; 10. George Rusiashvili "Competition of Vindication and Execution Claim in Reversing of the Outcomes of Invalid Deal"; 11. Lika Sajaia "The Right for Authorship and for Name– Georgia Copyright Law and Modern Legal Trends"; 12. Lasha Tsertsvadze "Duties of Board of Directors (Director) in Company Management (Comparative Analysis According The US (State of Delaware) Corporate Law and Corporate Law of Georgia)"; 13. Nino Khunashvili "Controlling the Content and Restriction of a Contract’s Standard Conditions on the Basis of the Good Faith Principle"; 14. Maia Kopaleishvili "Does the Action Provided by Para. 5¹ of the Article 42 of the Criminal Code of Georgia Involve Criminal Responsibility of a Parent"; 15. Irakli Kobakhidze "The Principle of the Legal State (as of the Valid Law) Dimitry Gegenava Georgian Model of Constructive Vote of No-Confidence: Gordian Knot in the Constitution of Georgia".
ISSN: 2233-3746
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