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Title: Journal of Law. N1, 2015
Authors: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
Faculty of Law
Burduli, Irakli
Keywords: სამართალი
Issue Date: 2015
Description: 1. Sulkhan Oniani "Fault in the “Georgian Compendium of Nomocanon Laws” ; 2. Mariam Khoperia "The State Attitude to Family Separation"; 3. Tamar Zarandia "Liability of Bailee in Case of Bailment at the Commercial Warehouse: Subtle Standard of Reasonable Care"; 4. Ketevan Kochashvili “I Think, Therefore I am” (“I exist as a subject of right”); 5. Natia Chitashvili "Determination of Responsibility by Force Majeure Provision Within the Scope of Contractual Freedom and Equity"; 6. Giorgi Rusiashvili "Place of Georgian Civil Law in European Legal Family"; 7. Nino Ioseliani "Debtor’s Guarantee."; 7. Tamar Lakerbaia "European Standard for Informed Consumer"; 8. Daria Legashvili "Terms for the Implementation and Protection of Sender’s Rights"; 9. Solomon Menabdishvili "For the Issue Related to the Definition of Key Terms of Provisions Prohibiting the Cartel Activities"; 10. Nata Sturua "Termination of Employment Contract"; 11. Salome Kerashvili "Peculiarities of the Carrier’s Responsibility for Transfer of Cargo without Production of Bill of Lading"; 12. Marika Tsuladze "Basis for Release of Person Owning the Source of Increased Danger from the Responsibility"; 13. Salome Jibuti "Brief and Simple Information, as a “European Panacea" for Protection of Retail Investors and Improvement of Investment Related Decisions"; 14. Irakli Samkharadze "Harmonization of Legal Systems: EU and Georgia"; 15. Tamar Avaliani "Ex ante Importance of the Effectiveness of Financial Control in the Budgetary Process"; 16. Dimitry Gegenava "Recognition of the Religious Marriage in Georgian Legislative Reality"; 17. Beka Dzamashvili "Socio-Economic Rights: Fundamental Rights or Directive Principles of State Policy?"; 18. Goga Kikilashvili "Problem of Defining Legal Nature of Agreement on Military Contractual (Professional) Service"; 19 Davit Jaiani "For International Legal Understanding of Occupation"; 20. David Jandieri "Execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights "; 21. Otar Gamkrelidze "Conclusion on Temur Tskitishvili’s Thesis Work: Delict Creating Danger for Human Life and Health Guidelines for Authors".
ISSN: 2233-3746
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