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dc.contributorInstitute of Hydrometeorologyen
dc.contributor.authorBegalishvili, N. A.en
dc.contributor.authorTsintsadze, Tengizen
dc.contributor.authorBegalishvili, N. N.en
dc.contributor.authorTsintsadze, N.en
dc.identifier.citationAnalsof Agrarian Science 9 (4) PP.57-58 (2011)en
dc.description.abstractAgainst the background of the ongoing global warming on the Earth reaction of climatic system in South Caucasus has turned out to be extremely inhomogeneous. One of the significant results of in homogeneity of climate changes might be varied reaction of river, change of their hydrological regime and water resources of Georgia in whole. By application of average yearly air temperature in basins, annual total of precipitations on water-collectors and water-balance calculations and statistical-correlation analysis of 40-50-year synchronous rows of average annual river in the dam of the river, empirical-statistical and water-balance models of formation of annual river has been received. On the basis of the models, reaction of river on climatic changes revealed in the basin has been determined; sensitivity) of river on the water collector against ongoing climatic changeshas been evaluated.en
dc.subjectglobal warming on the Earthen
dc.subjectclimatic system in South Caucasusen
dc.subjectRiver Runoff in Georgiaen
dc.titleImpact of Climatic Change on River Runoff in Georgiaen
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