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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Using numerical modeling for Borjomi- Bakuriani Drinking water reservoirZhukova, N.; Melikadze, G.; Dovgal, N.
2011Evolution of methodology multi-parametrical Observation on the territory of GeorgiaKapanadze, N.; Melikadze, G.; Machaidze, Z.; Kimotidze, Sh.; Bedianishvili, Kh.
2013USING ENVIRONMENT TRACERS FOR INVESTIGATION OF BLACK SEA POLUSHIONMelikadze, G.; Kapanadze, N.; Todadze, M.; Machaidze, Z.; Chankvetadze, A.; Tsabaris, Ch.; Androulakaki, E.; Eleftheriou, G.; Patiris, D.; Schubert, M.; Knoeller, K.; Stollberg, R.; Mallast, U.
2009Re-Assessment of The Geothermal Potential of Tbilisi Region: The Hydrodynamic Digital Model ProjectBuntebarth, G.; Kapanadze, N.; Kobzev, G.; Melikadze, G.
2010Methodology of creation multi-parametrical NetworkMelikadze, G.; Dovgal, N.
2011On the climate change in Georgia in the past, at present and in the future: what should be done for Filling the gapsAmiranashvili, A.; Matcharashvili, T.; Melikadze, G.; Chelidze, T.
2010Geodynamical impacts on the water level Variations in boreholesJimsheladze, T.; Melikadze, G.; Kobzev, G.; Zhukova, N.
2013METHOD OF STANDARD DEVIATION FOR ANALYSIS OF CAUCASUS BOREHOLE WATER LEVEL DATAGevorgyan, A.; Khangaldyan, A.; Mavrodiev, S.; Adibekyan, M.; Melikadze, G.; Sborshchikov, S.; Kobzev, G.; Jimsheladze, T.
2010A method of hydrogeodynamical data analysis For revealing earthquake precursorMelikadze, G.; Kobzev, G.
2010Creation of numerical model of Tbilisi geothermal depositKapanadze, N.; Kobzev, G.; Melikadze, G.; Zhukova, N.